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Fall Prevention and Balance Program

Are you dizzy, unsteady, or afraid of falling? Dizziness and feelings of imbalance can take away your confidence with activities you would normally enjoy. You might even stop being as active due to fear or weakness and make the problem worse. A loss of independence can be very frustrating. A fall prevention program can help you regain your independence and return to activities which you enjoy.


Our goal is to help you become as safe and as independent as possible. Our program takes into account your individual medical condition, your lifestyle, and your individual needs. At the Clinic for Neurology, P.A. we can help determine the reason for your dizziness or imbalance by performing a comprehensive evaluation and designing an appropriate treatment program. Under the direction of a physician, we will perform tests on the four areas which affect your balance:

  • Vision
  • Nervous System
  • Muscles and Joints
  • Inner Ear (Vestibular)

A physical therapist will evaluate your balance reactions and muscle strength and flexibility. We utilize the newest technology in vestibular disorder evaluation and therapy for dizziness and balance disorders.


Please ask your primary care physician about whether you might benefit from our program. If you have a prescription for physical therapy, you can call the clinic for an appointment at 533-4402. Your physician may also refer you to one of our neurologists for examination, or to the physical therapist. Our program is covered by Medicare and most private insurance carriers.

Please see our Physical Therapy Page for more information.

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