David Greer, M.D. and Scott Hitchcock, D.O.
185 Chateau Dr SW Ste 301, Huntsville, AL 35801
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Clinical Research Volunteers . . .

Helping to bring tomorrow's solutions to today's medical challenges.

Becoming a Volunteer

North Alabama Neuroscience Research, based in the Clinic for Neurology, in Huntsville, is an active partner with over twenty pharmaceutical companies. Together, through a variety of collaborative research studies, we are continuously searching for a better understanding of neurological diseases that affect patients.

A clinical study is carefully designed to test the effects of a medication, medical treatment or device on a group of volunteers. Clinical studies are an important step in making new medications available. They measure the drug's ability to treat a condition, its safety and its possible side effects.

How can I get Involved?

People with the condition being studied can volunteer to participate in a study. Each study has specific requirements such as age, sex, or medical condition for participants. The physician conducting the study will review each volunteer's medical history and the study requirements to determine who can participate. Known risks, and benefits are explained to volunteers during the informed consent process. This process is designed to give volunteers the information that they need to decide about participating in a clinical study.



Learn More

To be considered for a clinical drug study or to learn more about being in a clinical drug study, contact one our physicians or clinical study coordinators.

185 Chateau Dr SW Ste 301
Huntsville, AL 35750
Phone: (256) 533-3552
Fax: (256) 533-7459

David Greer, M.D.
Scott Hitchcock, D.O.

Help yourself and others

Every day, research uncovers new information about medical conditions and possible therapies. Your involvement in clinical studies could help in the development of new medications. You and many people may benefit from your willingness to become involved.

We are currently enrolling participants in studies to evaluate medications for the following conditions:

Seizure Disorder
Alzheimer's Disease
Migraine Headache
Parkinson's Disease
Neuropathic Pain
Diabetic Neuropathy
Post-Shingles Pain
Stroke Prevention
Multiple Schlerosis


To find out about our Research Staff, click here.


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